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Monday, December 29, 2008

Cellistic New Year Resolutions

One thing I find fascinating about learning cello, and did not at all expect, is the paradoxes. Now that I've met some of them, my hope for 2009 is that I allow myself to appreciate and revel in them.

Ok, for you they might not make sense. You know far better than me what is right for you. But as these years go fleetingly by, they are becoming for me the elusive essence behind learning and practicing the cello. Otherwise, at my age, lack of talent, and station in life, why bother? So here's my list (partly inspired by, but not to be blamed on, writings in Stark Raving Cello):

- To stop trying harder; instead, to just try easier.

- To play fast slowly; to play loud gently; to play slow fleetingly; to play soft intensely; to play easy things with attentive, loving care; to play hard things undeservedly carefree.

- Instead of frustration, to allow myself unwarranted pleasure and joy in visiting and re-visiting my weak areas, with unworried faith that it'll come together, whenever I eventually allow it.

- To hear musical forests, instead of trees of notes.

- To feel more, listen more, absorb more, hear more, sing more, dream more, express more, enjoy more. Worry, doubt, fear, control, and struggle (and ok, write!) less.


Gottagopractice said...

Hmm. Looking at your post counts this year, you can't write MUCH less <eg>.

Emily said...

Go Terry! Those are things I work on every day, and it's good to know that many of us are in the same struggle at the same time. Considering how much I intend to travel in 2009, I would happily make the first stop (pre Jet Blue boarding in Long Beach) on my "southern" tour Huntington Beach for another lesson.

Terry said...

It's been awhile, I'm overdue. So I'll come up to you soon. I'll email later today.

Roberta said...

Just found your blog. I am an amateur player who started as a kid, and came back to it as an adult. I love to play classical music, love playing early music even more, and would love to play folk cello. You asked in an earlier posting why more of us don't do it. I realized I have no idea how to start.