Old World or New, Sacred or Profane

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another "note"worthy blog

Readers of Cellists By Night might remember that a couple of months ago I mentioned I enjoyed listening to morning disk jockey Dennis Bartel at the local classical radio station, KUSC (Yes, we are members).

I like his subtle wit and the way he makes transitions. From his comments, he clearly has an excellent in background classical music, but even more importantly, he has a solid background in all kinds of things. And he's a down-to-earth plain-spoken guy, not at all pretentious, unlike a certain other syndicated classical DJ I can think of.

Well, he has a blog: www.kusc.org/bartel. I recommend reading The Child is Father to the Papa (No douby y'all can guess who that's about). It goes to the heart of what makes a person, any type of person, great. And it just goes to show, aren't all the truly great musicians also autodidacts?