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Monday, December 15, 2008

Carol of the Bells for 4 cellos posted

As requested, here's the five parts to Carol of the Bells for 4 cellos: 4 parts, plus part 1 down an octave. Note: this might not be exactly the same as what Guanaco or Carol played; about a year ago I expanded it by a few measures and changed the harmony in a couple of measures. It's not enough of a difference that they should change, it would just cause confusion, but I don't think I have the original version around anymore.

So now, who else will prepare something for cello ensemble? We could have a cello blog library of arrangements.


Owldaughter said...

I'd like to thank you yet again for sharing these, Terry. I didn't get them in time to work on them for this Christmas, but I'll certainly bring them out for next year!

Cassandra Cellogirl Holland said...

Is each page a different part? It is for 4 cellos, right? I am planning on playing it with my and my cellogirl band group amajig, :)