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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inspiring folk cello sighting

Last night I attended a concert with Hans York as the opening act, accompanied by Myra Joy on cello. Myra Joy's a grad of San Francisco Conservatory (Must be a very very recent grad -- Are those kids getting younger or am I just getting really really ancient? You don't have to answer that in writing here) and has been playing with a number of groups. She related to me about how she got started: she just attended a local jam and was spotted by Shay and Micheal Black, and suddenly approached and asked to go on tour with them.

Ms. Joy's playing for Hans York is understated, matching his voice and style quite well, I thought. For a video that shows her typical playing in song, see Listen to the Moon which was recorded in Fresno last May.

I'm adding her to my list of cellists to watch.


Marco Davis said...

Another great new folk cellist to keep an eye on is Liz Maxfield of Berklee college. She's in a band called Folk Arts Quartet and they do all kids of great folk stuff. I noticed they just posted some tunes on myspace - http://www.myspace.com/folkartsquartet. I notice you mention New Directions in your blog -- Liz has taught and performed there in the past, so maybe you already know her.


Nick said...

More Liz Maxfield news: She was just awarded the Fulbright U.S. Student scholarship.

Liz is Berklee's first Fulbright student grantee, and the first cellist ever accepted to the University of Limerick's Irish Traditional Music Performance masters program. During her stay, she will write and publish a method book on adapting Irish fiddle and guitar styles for the cello.

More info here: http://bit.ly/KIHbo

Cello said...

Hi Terry.
I`m Marcelo Martinez Vieira, Brazilian cellist in Graduate Music School at Louisiana State University.
I guess I can be called a "folk cellist", specially for Brazilian Music. I played with several bands and artists in Brazil. Also, I have a Cello&Voice work (sing and play), and have been developing a quiet advanced concepts both for cello chords and rhythmic accompanying.
I like your blog a lot!!! I practiced Tai-Chi years ago, but more than that, I was part of an improvisational Dance group in which I acted as dancer and cellist, back in Brazil a couple of years ago.
I have worked as composer of Dance and Theater as well.
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Marcelo M Vieira