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Saturday, March 15, 2008

D-I-Y Cello Modification

I have an incredibly inexpensive (read downright cheap-skate), laminate CLO (cello-like object) that I started on, that I got off Ebay five years ago.

Well, I took it to the garage and subjected it to an unauthorized field change. An authentic luthier would be appalled, but then, at the price I paid for it, who cares? It's going to take some time to get used to it, but it is a kick to play.

I made a couple of quick recordings. See if you can guess how it's different from a regular cello... Yeah, yeah, I know, besides the fact that the cello's tone sounds like crap.... Yeah, yeah, besides the fact that the player is dreadful.... Something else.

A C scale

Si Bheag Si Mhor

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Gottagopractice said...

You added an E string - deduced from the decrease in vibrato on the open strings. Did you carve the bridge yourself? Is the bridge wider? Or, do you just squeeze more strings into the same space and space the grooves differently? Did you also have to replace the nut? Pictures, please! Inquiring minds want to know!