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Sunday, February 24, 2008

3rd recital in front of LA Phil member

No, it's not a folkie thing this time.

Last night I played in a student recital at my teacher's home. I was in shift 1 with six other students, starting at 5:00. Shift 2 started at 6:30. I played the Bach Arioso (from Cantata 165) and part 1 in the Gabrielli Canon a Due.

As usual, I was the only grown-up (Go team CBN!). And yet again, that LA Phil member whose 7 year-old or so youngster is a student was right up there in the audience -- in tuxedo because he had a gig afterward (His kidlet is really coming along). But this time I felt much better than the prior two times. Except for just a little bit of clumsiness in a couple of spots, the pieces came out as well as when I've practiced them, so I'm rather pleased.

I'd like to think I'm learning what body parts become less mobile when I'm nervous and learning to mobilize them more, but maybe I'm just getting used to the idea of him around.

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Maricello said...

Sometimes it is best not to know who is in the audience. :-)

On the other hand, maybe the LA Phil member is the audience member who can most appreciate your efforts.

I once played piano in front of my sister-in-law, an amateur pianist, and my fingers turned into inflexible sticks, no longer under my control, so "a little clumsiness in a couple of spots" sounds like you did a good job.