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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Email Duet

PFS and I have collaborated on a duet on Red Is The Rose via email.

Well, by the end it's more like a quartet. PFS recorded first and plays melody throughout 4 times. On the first time I play pizz bass/strum. On the second time I play an arco lower harmony part, usually a sixth or third below the melody. On the third time, through the magic of multi-track recording, I play both the pizz and the arco at the same time. For the 4th time I add to that another arco part, this one above the melody with mostly long tones.

While some notes are not precisely what we'd like, I think there are some spots that came out quite nicely. I hope we do more soon.

Red Is The Rose


Gottagopractice said...

I love the harmonic accretions. Note that the link isn't working on your blog page - extra garbage in the address (in my own past experience that has been from forgetting to type "http://" in the href). Your tune is here.

Marilyn said...

Very nice. I like the Pizz. and the upper arco part. And, thanks GGP, for providing a linkable link.


Guanaco said...

Bravo to both of you! Nice piece. I assume you recorded and mixed this using Audacity?

How cool to record a duet via the internet!

Terry said...

Yes, thank you GGP. The link is fixed now. One or both of us might re-work our part and I'll re-post. Do and refine, re-do and more refining.

Yes, this was with Audacity. It turns out the Audacity files themselves take up a huge amount of space and we couldn't email them. We exported to MP3 and then imported back into Audacity. I feel that process degraded PFS's part.

Maybe WAV will work better for this than MP3.

Elaine Fine said...

What a fantastic idea, but you do need to figure out a way to get rid of the metronome. I really like the arrangement.

Dale said...

Nice work. I can't comment on anything else because I know nothing except that it sounds pretty darned good. I came over via PFS' blog.

MiaCella said...

Bravo and thank you to both of you!
I love your creativity! Makes me think of joining a big web-orchestra some day!

Coaster Punchman said...

That's amazing how you were able to do that. Sounds nice.