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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Whisky Before Breakfast

I use Audacity (freeware) to export mp3s from minidisc recordings. When I exported the A Place in the Heart mp3 I forgot to change the title field and it was saved with a prior title, Whisky Before Breakfast. Sorry for that initial confusion.

The Whisky Before Breakfast recording that I had been working with before was done with a guest fiddler, Tula, from Monrovia. This was after just one rehearsal with us. Tula is very much my idea of what a fiddler should should like. Monrovia is a bit far away, but I hope she comes down and guests with us more often in the future. Unfortunately, the minidisc filled up before the end of the tune, so the recording with Tula abrubtly ends.

I've worked on the melody Whisky Before Breakfast some, off and on, for a couple of years. It goes up to 4th position, but the tricky part is a back and forth section between 3rd and 2nd. At first it seemed impossible, then it seemed like someday off in the future, and now it seems like it's just a bit beyond my reach at full tempo. Maybe a few months more and I'll be posting myself on the melody.

Here's the band When Pigs Fly! with guests Tula and myself guesting on washtub bass: Whisky Before Breakfast


ricardo said...


Terry said...

Well, of course, breakfast. There's words that are sometimes sung to the 1st half of the B section.

Heaven help us and protect us,
We drink whisky before breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Well...if you can ever play this on cello, I'll be really impressed. I can't seem to play anything fast at all--one of the reasons I'm playing so much fiddle these days (not that I can play fiddle fast either, but way way faster than I can play cello). I really like this tune...